Construction Management

When a building project is in your near future, you need a construction management team that you can trust. NBA Builders has the experience and knowledge to manage your project from start to finish. Contact us at (317) 732-4277 to set up an appointment. We serve Indianapolis and beyond.

Importance of Construction Project Management

At NBA Builders, we can’t overemphasize the importance that construction project management plays in the success of a building project. It encompasses three distinct areas of service:

Pre-construction services

If managers are to manage effectively, it’s imperative that they be involved in the planning phase of projects. It’s here that goals are set, budgets are determined, design is chosen, and schedules are decided. Because our managers are involved in the decision-making process, they understand the vision and how to apply it throughout the entire project and scope of work.


In this process, each trade submits bids for work, which we then carefully review and qualify.


Because we are also general construction contractors, our managers will be directly supervising the day-to-day work at your facility. We’ll oversee all associates, progress on the construction site, budget, and any changes to the original decisions. We’ll also resolve any problems and oversee quality assurance and project safety. Lastly, we’ll handle project completion details including manuals, maintenance, and final billings/refunds. As always, we’ll consistently communicate updates on progress and answers to questions.

Our Expertise + Software = Success

NBA Builders PROCORE Construction Software

Our success in management is enhanced by our use of Procore® construction management software. We can’t overemphasize the ease in which this program connects our team, application, and devices in one control hub. From pre-construction to post-construction, our projects run smoothly because of our expert implementation of Procore.

Additionally, because of our experience in many different markets including both commercial and residential, we are adept at managing all necessary variances, documents, and permits required by federal, state, and local authorities.

For expert construction project management, contact NBA Builders at (317) 732-4277. We serve all of Indianapolis and beyond, including the Fort Wayne, Evansville, Clarksville, and Lafayette areas.