Pre-Construction Services

The initial phase of a building project sets the tone for a successful outcome. NBA Builders in Indianapolis offers pre-construction services that address the important factors of budget, design, and schedule. Contact us today at (317) 732-4277 to set up an appointment and discuss your project.

We're There Every Step of the Way

NBA Builders will help you plan for every phase of your project. Whether we’re undertaking the construction of a custom-built dream home, updating your current residence with a full home remodel, or spearheading your investment project, we’ll establish the foundation of the project together so that it runs smoothly from start to finish.

The Construction Planning Phase

During this pre-construction phase, we’ll establish the following guidelines:

Set Goals

During this meeting, we’ll determine your design priorities for the project and meet with experts to discuss how to meet those goals.

Set Schedule

We’ll lay out a realistic schedule for the project as well as identify milestones along the way to evaluate progress.

Set budget

The client gives us the budget that will form the framework for the entire project. We make sure client expectations and the budget are in harmony with each other, and we establish a guaranteed maximum price.

Evaluate client contributions

We take into account any owner-provided materials and services and adjust for the impact on budget, schedule, and time.

Review the plan

Manage any revisions to the design plan, budget, and schedule as necessary, making sure all parties are in agreement.

Pull permits

Obtain permits necessary to the project.

Order materials

Order materials and resources that have a long lead time.

You can trust NBA Builders to efficiently run your project from start to finish. In addition to pre-construction, we offer other commercial construction services that include construction management, design & build, and general construction.


Trust the Pre-Construction Professionals

✓ Experience

    • We work in many markets and have learned to excel in taking complicated projects and simplifying them into step-by-step successes. As you learn more about us, you’ll see that we take on projects that others can’t or won’t do.

✓ Employees

    • We use a trusted team of associates who are on-site each day managing and directing the day’s work.

✓ Knowledge

    • We understand the complicated process of working with federal, state, and local authorities and municipalities, including the ins and outs of variances, documents, and permits necessary to the project.

✓ Network

  • We have an established network of professionals in the fields of architecture, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, interior design, emergency systems, brokerage services, appraisals, and title work.

Don’t wait any longer. Contact NBA Builders today at (317) 732-4277 and schedule your pre-construction services appointment. We serve Indianapolis and beyond including Fort Wayne and Evansville.