Markets We Serve

Since 2007, NBA Builders has been beautifying the Indianapolis area by building the future and restoring the past through commercial and residential construction projects. To learn how we can take your home, business, or investment property to the next level, contact us at (317) 732-4277.


Whether you’re an I-2 or I-3 occupancy, we have the experience to take on your new build or redevelopment project. We understand how to navigate the complicated regulations governing the healthcare industry at the federal, state, and local levels. We are even able to complete extensive remodels while the building is occupied.


Private schools often need to dramatically remodel a purchased building to make a functional space for classrooms and activities. NBA Builders excels at taking complicated school renovation projects and turning them into actionable steps completed in a tight timeline. We can complete projects over the summer or while school is in session.


NBA Builders understands that churches need rooms that can be used for multiple uses and myriad activities. Whether you’re planning for a new build or remodeling an existing space, we can tailor the church building to your exact needs.


Make your work space function as you need it to—not as the previous owner needed it to. Perhaps a gut job is in order or a simple update. Either way, we can design an office space that will be esthetically pleasing to your brand as well as functional for day-to-day life.


With experience in strip malls and stand-alone retail buildings, NBA Builders will bring to life the building that will help your retail business thrive. From electronics stores to clothing boutiques, our team of experts will help you take your business to the next level.


Apartment rentals are always in demand, especially in cities. We’ll either renovate or build a multi-family property complete with the desired amenities that will allow you to get top dollar for your rental.

Custom Homes

Bringing dream homes to life is one of our special services. Together we’ll design and build a home that will be your forever home complete with all the high-end finishes and appliances you want. 

Residential Remodeling

When your home needs to be brought up to the current times in both looks and function, NBA Builders is the home renovation expert for you. From additions to garages, we can make your home work for you as never before.

Don’t wait another minute to start your building or renovation project. Contact NBA Builders at (317) 732-4277 for more information about our construction services. We serve Indianapolis and all of Indiana, including Fort Wayne, Evansville, and beyond.